If you are interested in original artwork commissioned via contract, please email for availability and price quote. 

This page may be updated for clarification, but my Terms of Service are static and will not dramatically change.

Terms of Service:

By contacting Rebecca Treadway, owner of atrtinkcovers, the Client (s) agrees to the following terms and conditions:

All concepts, including sketches, mock-ups, and samples created or designed by Rebecca Treadway of atrtink covers, are provided to the Client for review, critique, or requested changes only and cannot be publicly or privately displayed nor shared with a third party or parties. The Client cannot publish, copy, or disclose mock-ups or design materials to others.

Rebecca Treadway of atrtink covers takes effort to provide The Client with a unique design. The Client’s responsibility is to ensure the names of a product, company, or service are not already in use. The Client is responsible for securing copyright or trademark to protect the rights to a name or image of their creation. Rebecca Treadway of atrtink covers will not be held to legal actions resulting from improper due diligence on the availability of a company name, book title, or image provided by the Client.

For Commissioned Book Covers utilizing stock images or other assets as created by Rebecca Treadway/atrtink covers as displayed on my services page:

The Client accepts the following terms and conditions when conducting business with atrtink covers

The Client agrees not to resell or transfer the final design to a third party, understanding that such an action violates Rebecca Treadway of atrtink covers terms of service and the service terms and licensing agreement of the stock photos purchased in the design.

Until all fees are paid, Rebecca Treadway of atrtink covers retains copyright ownership of all design drafts and materials (known as derivative work).

Up to five stock images acquired for your design are included in the current price and are purchased from Depositphotos.com. All stock images are under royalty-free use to the extent and scope of your project’s needs as a book cover. The original copyright of the photo (s) is still subject to the stock site’s terms of use under the originating photographer or artist.

Exclusive use of images incurs additional fees. For standard and exclusive licensing information, click here: https://depositphotos.com/license.html.

Please note: Any images purchased from other stock licensing companies are under the same or similar agreement.

The Client understands that they do not have the right to alter the final cover design except for the following allowed modifications:

Grayscale editions for print advertisement or conversions from CMYK to RGB.

Resizing or cropping the cover design to fit in social media aspect ratios.

Placing the cover design onto promotional or giveaway materials (such as t-shirts, bookmarks, and mugs.)

Minor color saturation levels or brightness enhancements.

No elements of the book cover are to be isolated, cropped out, and used for any other purpose outside of the design’s original intent as a book cover.


Final designs shall be licensed to The Client under the following terms:

The final design is for unlimited, perpetual, unrestricted* use, including promotional and marketing materials in all e-book formats and up to 500,000 impressions in print format.

Unrestricted, royalty-free use of the final design as a book cover is transferred to you upon payment of all fees. Payment is due prior to the delivery of your final file.

*This means you have the right to use the final design solely for its intended scope—as a book cover. Promotional items derived from replicas of the book cover are included with this agreement: giveaways, advertisements, book trailers, and animations.

Send a message if you have any concerns or questions; otherwise – please sign below notifying me that you have read and agree to my Terms of Service and that you understand the licensing terms using stock photography.