Tier 1: E Book Cover

*Please note this is solely for electronic edition covers only.

Tier 2: Electronic and Print

This is for e-book editions and front facing print cover, only.

Tier 3: Electronic and Print

How to Order

Contact Me

Specify any major design change requests for a pricing estimate. I’ll send you an invoice reflecting agreed upon changes and the pricing, if so noted. Upon payment of your invoice, the premade is listed as *Sold* and customization begins. There are no charges for typographic changes, image orientation or moderate changes to color.

Animated Graphics

Publish Now

There is a 14 day grace period on all sales. This means you have fourteen days to finalize your design’s typography after the final mock-up is delivered, or upon the purchase of a premade. For paperback templates, there is a 30 day grace period for you to receive a proof copy and if needed, any adjustments to the template, such as a brightness or color profile fixes.

Small Publishers/PSD Files

If you are an independent small publisher, the cover artwork is still subject to my Terms of Service. Additional terms for deliverable PSD files to publishers are:

No adding or removing of design elements of the artwork such as an additional character or gradient overlay.
Cannot be resold to any third party (for example, you are a publisher who paid for the art – your author’s contract expired – the author wants the cover. You cannot resell it to the author. (I cannot and will not resell it to the author. )
You are responsible for storing the PSD file on a secure server. The PSD file, once transferred from my server to yours, will be removed/deleted after 5 business days.

When you are ready to publish at a later day, contact me for creating the paperback edition. The Publish Later pricing includes one paperback layout delivered as a PDF.


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