Service Terms

These are my basic terms when working with clients, and for pre-made designs purchased. By reading this page, and contacting me for services, you are agreeing to abide by the following terms. Unless otherwise arranged and mutually agreed upon, the client agrees to the following terms upon initial hiring of the artist (Rebecca Treadway) at atrtink for the following services:

Book Cover Artwork

Unless otherwise noted and agreed upon, stock images are purchased for your design and its cost will be included with your invoice.  Such images may come from stock licensing companies and are under royalty free use to the extent and scope of your project’s needs. The original copyright of the image(s) are still subjected to the individual company’s terms of use, and/or the originating photographer or artist. Exclusive use of images or illustrations can, and do – incur additional fees.

If you have purchased, created, or acquired the use of an artist, photographer, or model – a release form stating you have the right to use the work for your project, is required.

Final work shall be licensed to the client under the following terms: unlimited, perpetual, unrestricted* use of the final design– which includes promotional and marketing use in all e-book formats, and up to 500,000 impressions in print format. Unrestricted, royalty free use of the final design is transferred to you upon payment of all fees.

*This means you have the right to use the design solely for the scope of which it is intended for – as a book cover. Promotional items derived from replicas of the book cover, is included with this agreement – but unless you purchase an extended license from a stock company, or have a written agreement with an artist or photographer for images, you do not ‘own’ all of the copyrights to any images used for a book cover. *

Any and all concepts; including sketches, mock-ups, and samples created or designed by atrtink are provided to the client for review, critique, and requested changes only and cannot be publicly displayed. Until all fees are paid, atrtink retains the copyright ownership (derivative work) of design drafts and its materials.

atrtink reserves the right to display work in portfolio and marketing material.

Artink takes effort to provide the client with a unique design. If artwork created accidentally infringes on any existing trademarked artwork, the liability of atrtink is limited to a refund of the client’s paid amount. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure names of a product, company or service is not already in use, and it is the client’s responsibility to secure a trademark to protect the rights to a name or image. Atrtink will not be held to legal actions resulting from improper due diligence on the availability of a company name, book title, or image provided by the Client.

Custom Illustrations/Digital Paintings.

Digital paintings or other traditional mediums are under the copyright protection of the artist, and as such – the agreement to the commission and sale of such a painting is for royalty free, unrestricted use of the design as book cover artwork and promotional materials use only. The client agrees the illustration will not be resold to a third party, and if the client wishes to use it in multimedia with intent to resell (such as bookmarks or mouse-pads) the client agrees to enter into a new agreement with the artist for extended usage rights. An additional fee for extended, unlimited rights is negotiable with atrtink, but atrtink still reserves the right to place the artwork in online or print portfolios and/or promotional materials.

Please send a message if you have any concerns or questions!

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