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If you have any questions not answered here, please let me know – I’ll add on to it. Thank you!


Do you take requests on premades?

I do not.  I work in different genres when the inspiration hits.  Check back often if you don’t find your genre or a cover that you like.  I try to upload new work every week.  (usually in ‘genre batches’)

I see a cover I like,  but I don’t have funds available- can you save it for me until payday?

My premades are sold on a first-come, first-served basis – this includes my regular clients and my author friends.  I don’t think it’s fair otherwise and I don’t believe in putting up my work for ‘bidding’ (which occurs in Facebook groups)

Can I make payment plans on a commissioned cover?

I do not accept payment plans,  and I do not predate invoices.

Do you ever re-use any of the stock photos for other projects?
No. Once I use a stock image (including pre-mades) I place the image(s) I use, into that particular project folder.

I just bought a pre-made. Can I have all of the original files in layers?

Premades are already “flattened”. The only layer is a temporary title and author name, which can be adjustment to suit your taste prior to the delivery of your final file.

Can I have just the art as a PSD file, then? And do the typography myself?

Yes, under the following terms: For an additional $100.00 fee and If you’ll agree to the terms of use regarding the cover artwork-that its use is solely as a book cover and promotional material related to it as a cover, that the artwork will not be altered, with the exception of resizing it to fit for printing, and that you’ll send a copy back so I can place it in my portfolio, then yes.  A PSD file will be sent to upon payment, via a downloadable dropbox link, and you will be responsible for its safekeeping.

Why do I need to agree? Don’t I own the cover and can do whatever I want with it?

You own the right to use the cover for its intended purpose – as a book cover. The stock images are under copyright to the photographer, and my copyright designs of the cover is a derivative work. Unless you pay for, or own the stock images – you never really own the copyrights.

I have photos (or artwork) that I would like to be made into a cover. Can I mail you the images?

I’m sorry, but I cannot. The post office is not always reliable, and I don’t want to be responsible for your work being either lost, or damaged in transit. I do accept scanned images via e-mail, and a release form stating you own the copyrights to the images is a requirement.

Are your premades available for front-facing print?

Yes. All premades are suitable for printing prior to being offered for sale.


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