Questions & Answers

If you have any questions not answered here, please let me know – I’ll add on to it. Thank you!

Do you ever re-use any of the stock for other projects?
No. Once I use a stock image (including pre-mades) I place the image(s) I use, into the project folder.

I just bought a pre-made. Can I have all of the originals files in layers?

Pre-mades are already “flattened”. The only layer is temporary title and author name.

Can I have just the art, then? And do the typography myself?

If you’ll agree to the terms of use regarding the cover -that its use is solely as a book cover and promotional material related to it as a cover, that the artwork will not be altered (including changing colors) with the exception of resizing it to fit, and that you’ll send a copy back so I can place it in my portfolio, then yes. Author Matt Shaw does this, I have no problem with that.

Why do I need to agree? Don’t I own the cover and can do whatever I want with it?

You own the right to use the cover for its intended purpose – as a book cover. The stock images are under copyright to the photographer, and my copyright designs of the cover is a derivative work. Unless you pay for, or own the stock images – you never really own the copyrights.

I have photos (or artwork) that I would like to be made into a cover. Can I mail you the images?

I’m sorry, but I cannot. The post office is not always reliable, and I don’t want to be responsible for your work being either lost, or damaged in transit. I do accept scanned images via e-mail, and a release form stating you own the copyrights to the images is a requirement.

Are your pre-mades available for print?

Yes. I optimize all pre-mades to be suitable for printing the moment they’re uploaded. They’re worked on in 4 Color Print mode. (CMYK) Most files I send are in RGB, but have been successfully converted by print on demand publishing. If you have very specific profiles for CMYK printing, do let me know – I can convert the file to spec and send it as a PSD file.