All Prices are in US Dollars.

E-Book Cover or Front Facing Cover


Price and service includes:
All stock images, provided by Deposit Photos.
One low res, one high res copy of your finished e-cover.
A 3D replica

Payment Due: Upon completion of final, approved cover via Pay Pal.


Full Print Jacket or Wrap Around Cover with free E-Book Conversion


A full jacket wrap includes images provided by Deposit Photos. All typography, spine, your existing logo, author photo (optional), and back matter formatted on the template of your POD company, or text provided as layers on a PSD file.
A mini Multi-Media Kit:  A 3D version of your book, a full jacket cover reveal image, and one website or Facebook banner.

Payment Due: Upon completion of final, approved cover via Pay Pal.  I send an invoice that includes details on stock ID and image url.
*Textures, abstract images, pre-existing stock or my photography I may have on hand is free.*

Print Layout Assistance

$60. 00

Already have an image but not the software to set it up? No worry. This includes front cover typography, spine, back matter, logo layout for your Print on Demand book.

The Full Multi-Media Kit $60

You receive:

Print ready postcard: horizontal, vertical with space for additional text.
Blog or Website banner
One advertisement banner (according to your specs)
Twitter header
Please query if you’re ordering the Multi Media Kit and I did not design your cover. Some items, such as a poster print, may not be available.

Individual Service Pricing

Book Mark: $30
Postcard: $30
Business Card Design and Layout: $50

Web Banner Advertisements:

Small: $25
Medium: $35
Large: $45

Facebook Profile Picture and Cover: $35
Twitter Profile Picture and Cover:$45
3D Book on matching background: $25
Audio Book Cover From Me: $25
Audio Book Cover From Existing Cover:$35
Google+Cover: $30
Boxed Set Book Image: $50.00
Poster Size conversions: $50

Other Graphics

Promotional Prices and Other Services:
Logo: Pricing starts at $200.00

Fantasy Maps, Landscapes, Fantasy Creatures, Original Art

Pricing and Samples coming soon