Premade Book Cover Terms and Conditions

All premade covers are sold on a first-come-first-serve basis and are sold only once.
I reserve the right to keep a copy for display/portfolio purposes only.

Significant alteration requests incur additional fees starting at $50.00

Please send a detailed email before you purchase so I can provide you with an estimated cost and invoice. Contact:

Please note these conditions as they are written following service terms I, too, must abide by with the purchase of stock imagery I use in the design.

Payment in full is due prior to delivery of your final file.


The final premade book cover design is for royalty-free, unlimited, perpetual, unrestricted* use, including promotional and marketing materials in all e-book formats and up to 500,000 impressions in print format.

*If you hit over 500k in sales, congratulations! You’ll also need to purchase extended licenses of the imagery used in the cover design.*

Unrestricted, royalty-free use of the final design as a book cover (including paperback editions and audio-book format) is transferred to you upon payment of all fees.

The Purchaser agrees not to resell or transfer the final design to a third party, understanding that such an action violates Rebecca Treadway of atrtink covers terms of service and the service terms and licensing agreement of the stock photos purchased and used in the design.

The Purchaser understands and agrees that they do not have the right to alter the final cover design in a way that creates another unique design.

Terms of Service and Other Notices

last updated September 28th 2022

Refund Policy/Cancellation Fees

There are no refunds or exchanges of premade book covers once a final file is delivered. A final file is your author name and book’s title placed atop the artwork and sent to you via email.

If you made a purchase in error or change your mind within 24 hours, you will receive a prompt refund.

Other Information

This section may be updated periodically as author inquiries come to me.

The last update was September 30th, 2022.

Regarding Modifications to a final design.

Allowed: Grayscale editions for print advertisement or conversions from CMYK to RGB.

Allowed: Resizing or cropping the cover design to fit in social media aspect ratios.

ALLOWED:Placing the cover design onto promotional and/or giveaway materials (such as t-shirts, bookmarks, and mugs.)

Allowed: Minor color saturation levels or brightness enhancements.

No elements of the book cover are to be isolated, cropped out, and used for any other purpose outside of the design’s original intent as a book cover.


Allowed: A character’s face from the book cover is cropped and created as an icon for social media profiles promoting the book.

Not Allowed: A character’s face cropped out and pasted onto a new book cover design, including book bundles.

No other art can be placed atop the final artwork. For example, image overlays used in animations or new elements’ Photoshopped’ in.

Final typography cannot be removed or replaced.

About that Typography

Please let me know if you intend to use the cover in serialized format. I can provide you with additional final copies with sequential numbers added at no extra cost during the time of purchase.

If you are an established author using an existing layout ‘brand’, I will provide you with PNG art-only files, but you are still subject to the Terms and Conditions listed on this page.

Examples of brand typography

(I did not design the covers)

India Drummond’s Caledonia Fae Series

Robert Crane’s Sanctuary Series