Premade Store Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions For Premade Book (or Magazine Cover) Art

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Updated: April 12nd 2023

A Quick Rundown on Purchasing a Premade from ATRTINK COVERS

Please take the time to read this in its entirety so you are not surprised or confused. If you have any questions, check my FAQ first and contact me via email.

If you do not agree to any portion of the Terms and Conditions, do not make a purchase, or create an account.

By creating an account and purchasing a premade book cover design, you become The Author, and you agree to ATRTINK COVERS terms and conditions, and agree to the licensing rights of the stock photography used in the design(s).

NOTE: If you want to purchase a design as a gift, or for someone under the age of 18, contact me first, and I will invoice you instead. You cannot buy the design to pass along. I can amend the licensing agreement to the gift recipient’s name. (This is required as I cannot transfer licensing multiple times or to a third party).

The Premade Store Now Features Instant Downloads!

There are no refunds or exchanges on instantly downloaded files.

Image information is provided on each product page.

You must sign up for an account before making a purchase.
If you purchase on a Friday night, a Saturday, or Sunday, I will send you the requested changes on the following Monday.
After 24 hours, or on Tuesday: Adjustments and typographical add-ons are $50.00 per request.

Included within 24 Hours of Purchase

Provide: Book title, author name, and optional tagline/byline
Minor Adjustments at the time of purchase include:
Mirror Image
Color changes and edits to hue/saturation/brightness
Image resize for paperbacks: 5×8, 5.5×8,5 (includes bleed)

For significant alterations, query first with your requests for pricing estimates, and I will invoice you instead. If you want too many alterations, contact me for a custom e-book cover.

Upon Purchase You Can

Use image overlays – such as sale notices, ‘now available’, or in use of animated promos.

Create promotional and giveaway items of the entire design or major elements of the design for promotional use only. This covers bookmarks,  mugs, t-shirts, etc.

Create materials of the entire design or major elements of the design for promotional use covering: bookmarks, mugs, t-shirts, etc.

Make minor color adjustments, convert to grayscale, or color changes that does not reduce the quality of the image.

Duplicate the image and change color theme for episodic/serialized content on your website, or in e-book format across all publishing platforms.

You Cannot:

Create materials such as bookmarks, mugs, t-shirt, etc to offer for sale. You must purchase an extended license from the stock company or photographer first.

Add another image onto the cover and repurpose as a ‘new’ design for any purpose or intent. (including mock-ups)

What is not included with purchase.

PSD ‘layered’ file. You can use the final, downloaded JPG to create a smart object if you are a small publisher or established author and prefer this format.

Any Design Elements: Including frames, ornaments, and glyphs: They are not embedded into the artwork file, as it is easier to add them back upon request than to remove them.

Fonts: I purchase font licenses from design resources websites such as Font Bundles, or Creative Market. I can use the font to create your book’s typography and ‘flatten’ it onto the cover. I can also provide PNGs for your books’ interior title page, but I cannot send you the actual font file.

Purchased pre-mades will continue to be displayed as-is with a ‘Sold’ overlay until your book sees publication, after which a copy of your published book will be placed in my portfolio. (with the typographer credited if indicated.) 

If you alter or tamper with the design without permission: I will continue to display the original design with a ‘Sold’ overlay on my website , thereby making it known that I did not create nor approve those alterations and I will not be held liable for any licensing agreements or copyrights you may have violated by your misuse of the premade book cover design you purchased.


By purchasing a premade design, you agree to the below Terms & Conditions.

Upon receipt of purchase, you have exclusive, non-transferable rights to use the book cover design for its intended use as: an e-book, paperback, audio-book cover, or magazine cover, and any promotional materials in which the design elements play a major role in the production of those materials. (Bookmarks, advertisements, etc.) The Artwork and design may not be resold, reused, provided as a template for sale to a third party, used out of context, or transferred to another person or company.

You (The Author) agree to abide by the terms of any license agreement for any stock images purchased by (Rebecca Treadway) ATRTINK COVERS through a third-party image provider for use as a book(magazine/audio) cover design. You (The Author) understand images used for premade book covers are royalty-free; and the photographer owns the copyright to the photographs used.

The Author understands any modifications not described or made by ATRTINK COVERS are not covered with the standard license of the premade design and the purchased stock used in the premade is not used in a fashion that is covered by the standard license, or breaches the stock photo contract, The Author agrees ATRTINK COVERS is not at liability.

ATRTINK COVERS is not responsible for any penalties brought by The Author’s misuse of the purchased design, including stock licensing infringement.

Should any intellectual property dispute arise involving the premade The Author purchased, The Author assumes full legal and financial responsibility.

ATRTINK COVERS will not be held financially or legally responsible for any costs, fees or expenses incurred by The Author as a result of using the book cover design.

ATRTINK COVERS will not be held liable for incidental, indirect, consequential, special, punitive, or exemplary damages of any kind, including loss of revenues or profits, loss of business or reputation, or loss of data, in any way related to the purchase of a premade design sold by ATRTINK COVERS.

ATRTINK COVERS is not responsible for any claim, loss, or injury based on errors or any other inaccuracies as a result of any breach of the terms and conditions of this agreement.

ATRTINK COVERS retains the right to use The Author’s final book cover design, name, and book title in ATRTINK COVERS portfolio and to market and promote our services.

Most of the stock used is purchased directly from Depositphotos, and as such, on purchase, you are accepting their standard licensing rights as described here:

Other stocks, include similar agreements from Dreamstime, Shutterstock, or iStock photo with similar licensing agreements, may also be used.

Other images used may come from: Unsplash, Pixabay, NASA, or similar ‘creative commons’ images and websites.

Image links are provided on request as assurance you have the right to use the design as an e-book, print edition, audio-book cover, or magazine cover with unlimited web impressions, and up to 500,000 print editions.

It is the responsibility of The Author to pay for an extended license if the premade design using the stock images surpass 500,000 print editions.

ATRTINK COVERS guarantees the stock imagery used was purchased using one or all of the following:

Depositphotos:  Image pack, or image subscription, and at the time of purchase and download the stock image was available under Depositphotos standard licensing agreement.

Dreamstime, or iStock: Image pack or one month subscription.

The Author understands ATRTINK COVERS did not purchase an extended license, and can only transfer the royalty free rights to use the design one-time per customer.

The Author agrees not to resell or transfer rights to the design to a third party.

The Author has the right to pass down the cover art as a legacy file for so long as the book is in print or available as an e-book to a designated heir.

The Author agrees to hold harmless, and free of liability Rebecca Treadway, working as ATRTINK COVERS for any misuse of the above stated Terms & Conditions.

By purchasing a premade for sale at ATRTINK COVERS, the purchaser, known as The Author agrees and accepts these Terms & Conditions. If you were asked to read these Terms & Conditions, please sign the form and indicate you have read and agreed to them. If you do not agree to these terms or my other terms for commissioned artwork, do not purchase a premade design, and look for a new designer. These Terms and Conditions are to protect the rights of photographer’s whose stock I pay for and use, as well as for myself and other artists. If there is anything you think should be clarified or expanded upon to ease your mind, please use this contact form and ask!